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Reflections (GCTM's Quarterly Journal)

Reflections is an official publication of the Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics,
and serves as a resource to inform the membership of Council activities and provide
resources to enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics in Georgia.

Deadline for the next issue submissions: May 7th

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Summer 2019 Issue

Table of Contents

The President's Pen
by Denise Huddlestun, GCTM President

Editor's Note
by Becky Gammill, Ed.D.

Fifth-Graders' Integer Addition and Subtraction Concepts
by Jennifer M. Tobias and Nicole M. Wessman-Enzinger

Design of an Inquiry-Based Lesson - Using Robots to Teach Circles
by Austin Davis, Harley Paradise, Logan Murrell, and Dr. Tuyin An

Spotlight Interview with Susan Craig

Summer Academies 2019
by Kristi Caissie, Summer Academies Coordinator

Georgia Math Conference
by Dan Funsch, Conference Board Chair

by Chuck Garner, VP Competitions

Awards and Grants
by LaTonya Mitchell, VP Awards and Grants

NCTM Report
by Deb Haven, NCTM Representative

GCTM Membership
by Susan Craig, Membership Director

Meet the Board

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