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  • Georgia Standards of Excellence Curriculum Frameworks
    The Mathematics Frameworks were developed to support teachers in the implementation of the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE). They are organized by units. Although these units are presented in a coherent, sequential pattern, school-based staffs may elect to reorganize these sequences to accommodate available resources (e.g., texts, technology, and educational media services) and schedules. The units are presented in such a way that they form nine-week segments, allowing for quarterly benchmark assessment of student achievement. They are designed for use by schools throughout the state who may wish to utilize them as resources to guide and inform teaching standards.


  • Mu Alpha Theta
    Mu Alpha Theta is the National High School and Two-Year College Mathematics Honor Society with 93,300 student members in June 2012 in more than 1950 schools. They are dedicated to inspiring keen interest in mathematics, developing strong scholarship in the subject, and promoting the enjoyment of mathematics in high school and two-year college students.

  • TODOS: Mathematics for All
    An affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, TODOS is an advocate for an equitable and high quality mathematics education for all students -- in particular, Hispanic/Latino students -- that aims to increase the equity awareness of educators and their ability to foster student's proficiency in rigorous and coherent mathematics.

  • The Benjamin Banneker Association
    The Benjamin Banneker Association is a national non-profit organization dedicated to mathematics education advocacy, establishing a presence for leadership, and professional development to support teachers in leveling the playing field for mathematics learning of the highest quality for African-American students.

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