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The Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Inc.
P. O. Box 683905
Marietta, GA 30068

Commonly Requested Email Addresses For email links to additional members of the GCTM Executive Committee or the Georgia Mathematics Conference Board, follow the appropriate choice below:

Are you having trouble logging into the GCTM website? If you have a new email address or use one that is different than the one we have on file for you then we will have to manually reset your email to “match up” the records. If you need for us to reset your email manually, then please send to our membership director, Susan Craig (secddc@aol.com), an email similar to the following:
Subject Line of the Email:
Please reset my GCTM email address...

Body of the Email:
Name: <Last Name>, <First Name>
New Email: <The email address that you want the system to use.>