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Reflections (GCTM's Quarterly Journal)

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Winter 2018 Issue

Table of Contents

President's Message
by Bonnie Angel, GCTM President

Advocacy Update
by Brian Lack, VP for Advocacy

Soft Skills and the Mathematics Curriculum
by Dr. Marlow Ediger, Professor Emeritus, Truman State University

The Logarithmic Chicken or the Exponential Egg: Which Comes First?
by Marshall Ransom, Senior Lecturer, Department of
Mathematical Sciences, Georgia Southern University;
Dr. Charles Garner, Mathematics Instructor, Department of
Mathematics, Rockdale Magnet School;
Laurel Holmes, 2017 Graduate of Rockdale Magnet
School, Current Student at University of Alabama

Illuminating the Comparison in Comparative Multiplication
by Andria Disney, Ed.D. Georgia Southern University

Editor's Note
by Becky Gammill, Editor

GCTM Membership Report
by Susan Craig, Membership Director

NCTM Report
by Michelle Mikes, NCTM Representative

GCTM Executive Board

Reflections is an official publication of the Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics,
and serves as a resource to inform the membership of Council activities and provide
resources to enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics in Georgia.