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Reflections (GCTM's Quarterly Journal)

Reflections is an official publication of the Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics,
and serves as a resource to inform the membership of Council activities and provide
resources to enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics in Georgia.

Deadline for the next issue submissions: May 7th

Spring 2018 Issue

Table of Contents

President's Message
by Bonnie Angel, GCTM President

Synergy: A Combined Effect Greater than the Sum of their Separate Effects
by Kristi Caissie

GCTM Summer Mathematics Academies

GCTM at the Capitol
by T.J. Kaplan, Advocacy

GMC Update
by Martha Eaves

The WHOLE Truth About Fractions
by Ha Nguyen and Joy Darley

GCTM Middle School Tournament
by Chuck Garner, VP for Competitions

GCTM Membership Report
by Susan Craig, Membership Director

NCTM Report
by Michelle Mikes, NCTM Representative

GCTM Executive Board

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