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GMC 2012 at Rock Eagle

The 53rd Georgia Mathematics Conference was held on October 17-19, 2012, and in the words of Debbie Poss, Past-President of GCTM, it "once again enlightened minds, energized spirits and restored souls by integrating fabulous speakers and informative sessions in the idyllic setting of Rock Eagle."

Starting with our three keynote speakers: Dr. Tim Kanold, former NCSM president, helped us see the history behind the Common Core, and the paradigm shifts needed for improving mathematics learning. Larry Lesser, the "mathemusician", entertained us with original math-inspired lyrics set to the tunes of popular music, while Skip Fennell, former NCTM president, helped us understand some of the challenges in teaching mathematics and inspired us to persevere.

Additionally: bestselling authors Stuart Murphy and Greg Tang discussed teaching mathematics through literature, Chris Franklin focused our attention on sound statistical reasoning, Brad Findell dove into assessment strategies for the Common Core, Julie Dixon helped us engage students in the Standards for Mathematical Practice, Irina Lyublinskaya examined the development of algebraic reasoning, Jane Barnard focused us on geometry for elementary students, Donna Long helped us review assessment procedures -- and that was just a few of the wonderful speakers at this year's event! (To see a summary of all of the sessions, check out the conference program.)

Principals and administrators were welcomed to GMC at Rock Eagle this year for the first time with their own special session, aimed at helping them move forward with the Common Core. We also recognized the invaluable contributions made to the learning of mathematics in Georgia by recipients of this year's various GCTM awards for teaching and service: Debbie Poss, Tom Fulton, Peter Anderson, Janice Moore, Michelle Mikes, and Jamie Kennedy

Of course, there was some time for more recreational activities too -- like a viewing of Sphereland, the long-anticipated sequel to Flatland: The Movie; or participating with other mathletes in the annual GMC Fun Run -- not to mention the Zumba workout; "channeling one's chi" to win door prizes; and even a late night appearance of bagpipes!

We can't possibly hope to capture here all of the wonderful experiences of those three days, but maybe the small collection of snapshots below can remind us of some of the time we spent at GMC 2012...