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President's Message, November 2018

It is an honor and privilege to serve as the President of GCTM for the next two years. I am humbled to serve in this capacity and will work to fulfill the responsibility that has been so capably fulfilled by previous individuals in this office.

For several decades, I've experienced and seen first-hand the advocacy efforts for a quality mathematics education in Georgia and the quality professional learning available through GCTM. Interested in how GCTM got its start, I was amazed to read about the tremendous impact the organization has had in mathematics education in Georgia as documented in The Early History (to 1984) of the Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics (found in the “About Us” section). While there was much I didn’t know, I was intrigued by several things.

  • 1950 – GCTM was instituted and became an affiliate of NCTM. (page 5)
  • 1958 – “GCTM leaders urged the Georgia Department of Education to make grants available for teachers to change fields, with hopes of getting more teachers qualified to teach mathematics. Georgia was the first state in the nation to finance Grant-in-Aid.” (page 10)
  • 1959 – GCTM was “instrumental in getting The Mathematics Teacher journal of NCTM put on the library list for the Georgia schools.” (page 10)
  • 1977 – GCTM sponsored first statewide mathematics contest. (page 17)
  • 1983 – A statewide in-service day began being observed on the third Friday of October (still the date of Georgia Math Conference (GMC) and observed by many systems) after GCTM officers spoke to superintendents at a Georgia Association of School Superintendents (GASS). (pages 37 - 38)

GCTM has a rich history of fulfilling its mission of promoting a high-quality mathematics education for students and providing opportunities for teachers to increase their knowledge. I look forward to working together to continue the critical work for all students.

Denise Huddlestun