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GCTM Executive Director Announcement

After serving eight years as GCTM Executive Director and over 40 years of service with GCTM, Tom Ottinger will be stepping down as Executive Director as of October 31, 2018. As outlined in the GCTM Policies, a committee chaired by GCTM President Bonnie Angel has been charged with finding a successor.

To qualify for consideration for this office, candidates must have served on the GCTM Executive Committee for at least one term and been a member of the Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics for at least 6 years. The Executive Director must have space to house the Council archives. The term is for 4 years.

The duties of this office are specified in Section 2: Duties of GCTM Officers Part J. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR GCTM on pages 9-10 of the GCTM Policies. This document can also be found at: http://new.gctm-resources.org/gctm/Resources/Documents/governance/gctm_policies_may_2015.pdf

The committee is currently soliciting nominations for the new GCTM Executive Director. We ask that you review the qualifications and consider nominating an exceptional member of GCTM, including yourself, for this position.

The deadline for accepting nominations is March 30, 2018. Please submit all nominations to Bonnie Angel at bonnie.angel@gctm.org. Provide the information on the following page about the nominee.