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Education Listening Session (in Dublin)

There will be an Education Listening Session on Tuesday, September 13th, sponsored by the House Education Committee. Topics to be discussed include the following:

  • With a major emphasis related to the Governor's Ed Reform Commission and concerning the education community on the teaching of reading (K-3) and Math (K-5), we are interested in how both subjects are being taught. (Specifically: best practices, barriers, and other suggestions)
  • How can the state improve Teacher/Leader evaluations? The Governor’s Ed Reform Commission is recommending differentiated pay/pay for performance. How best can this process be implemented? What objective measures can be used? How should this be "phased-in"?
  • Are the changes made to testing SB 364 sufficient? What other suggestions related to this might be recommended?
  • How can school climate be improved?
  • Other comments and suggestions

Please submit your comments in writing to be used by the committee in summarizing the meeting. Also, we encourage you to submit any other suggestions and positive solutions for any area of instruction that is not included in any of the above mentioned questions. The session will be held at the Theatre Dublin, 314 Academy Avenue, Dublin GA 31021, and will follow the schedule below:

4:00-5:30PM Superintendents, Board Members and Principals
5:30-6:00PM Break
6:00-8:00PM Teachers

Your participation is important and will help the House and Senate Committees identify the key issues and solutions from teachers on these important matters. Please tell your fellow teachers about this vital meeting and encourage them to attend. A 5th listening session will be held in early October in the Atlanta metropolitan area. Further details will be sent at a later date.