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2014 Georgia Math Conference at Rock Eagle

The 2014 Georgia Mathematic Conference was held at the Rock Eagle 4-H Conference Center on October 15-17, 2014. The theme this year focused on access and equity for all students as we enter the third year of implementation of the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards for mathematics

Keynote speakers included Janna Peskett of Mindset Works, Scholastic; Cindy Moss of Discovery Learning; and Kati Haycock, Ed Trust President, and there was a special conference session with candidates for State School Superintendent, Valerie Wilson and Richard Woods. Additionally, featured speakers this year included Brian Newsome, Christine Franklin, Claire Pierce, Eric Milou, Jan Scott, Kenneth Jones, Tim Howard, Susie Hakansson, Sherry Parrish, Cindy Moss, Kevin Moore, Florence Fasanelli, and Tom Reardon, and sessions tackled all sorts of topics: the Common Core; STEM education; forming a math team; technology in the classroom, great math problems, making math accessible for all; AP math classes; working with at-risk students; and much more...