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The GCTM State Mathematics Tournament

State Mathematics Tournament
First Place Schools

General Information

2018 Fulton Science Academy
2017 Northview High School
2016 Gwinnett School of Math, Science, and Technology
2015 Northview High School
2014 Gwinnett School of Math, Science, and Technology
2013 Rockdale Magnet School
2012 Northview
2011 Northview
2010 Walton
2009 Walton
2008 Walton
2007 Lassiter
2006 Lassiter
2005 Rockdale Magnet School
2004 Rockdale Magnet School
2003 Chamblee
2002 Greater Atlanta Christian
2000 Paideia
1999 Chamblee
1998 Greater Atlanta Christian
1997 Greater Atlanta Christian
1996 Pope
1995 Greater Atlanta Christian
1994 Greater Atlanta Christian
1993 Greater Atlanta Christian
1992 Greater Atlanta Christian
1991 Walton
1990 Cedar Shoals
1989 Westover
1988 Walton
1987 Walton
1986 Heritage (Conyers)
1985 Heritage (Conyers)
1984 Greater Atlanta Christian
1983 Walton
1982 Walton
1981 Wheeler
1980 Wheeler
1979 Sprayberry
1978 Henderson
1977 Walton

How can I participate?

The GCTM State Mathematics Tournament is an invitation-only math tournament that takes place in Macon on the last Saturday in April each year. Invited schools are asked to bring a single four-person team. Individuals are also sometimes invited to compete in consideration for the Georgia ARML team.

Invitations are based on results* from math tournaments around the state. Tournament organizers are encouraged to submit their tournament's Varsity results to the tournament secretary, Angelique Allen, at aallen@greateratlantachristian.org, so winning teams and individuals may be invited. Any high school Varsity-level tournament may be a suitable State Math Tournament qualifying tournament, as long as results are submitted and the tournament takes place on or before March 31 each academic year.

*From submitted tournament results, each school receives a Qualifying Index (QI). The QI is computed by dividing the total number of teams by your school's placement. For example, if your school places 3rd out of 24 schools, your QI is 8. On March 30th, all schools are ranked according to their single greatest QI, and the top 36 are invited. (Only Varsity level tournaments in the state of Georgia may be considered qualifying tournaments. All schools are ordered together regardless of GHSA or GISA classification. Multiple teams from one school and teams from out-of-state are removed from the count.)

What's the Format of the State Tournament?

The State Math Tournament consists of three rounds: a written test, individual ciphering, and, for the first time, a team round.

The individual written test contains 45 multiple-choice questions and 5 free-response questions with a 90-minute time limit. A student can expect questions from the following area of mathematics, with an indication of the number of problems in each area: Algebra (10-18), Geometry (8-12), Analytic Geometry (5-10), Trigonometry (4-8), Precalculus (4-8), Calculus (1-3), Discrete Math (10-15). The scoring for the written test is 5C+B, where C is the number correct and B is the number left blank. Incorrect answers earn zero points.

The individual ciphering consists of 10 problems, given one-at-a-time, each with a two-minute time limit. Students earn 11 points for answering correctly within the first minutes, and 5 points for the second minute.

The team round consists of 12 problems that the team of four students will solve together. Each correct answer is worth 25 points, and all answers must be submitted within 8 minutes. There are no extra points for submitting answers early.

The winning individuals are determined by the sum of the participant's written test score and ciphering score. The winning teams are determined by the sum of the four individual scores plus the team round. Trophies are awarded to the top 15 individuals and the top 5 teams. The top team in each GHSA classification and in GISA that is not already in the top 5 also earns a trophy. Also awarded is the Steve Sigur Award for most improved individual performance over the previous year.

Questions or concerns should be addressed to Chuck Garner at cgarner@rockdale.k12.ga.us or cgarner@gctm.org.